General Rental Conditions

When you book the holiday home or studio, you declare that you agree with the general rental conditions and our privacy policy. Please read them carefully when you want to book.

The landlord, to be called “Eifel Appartementen”, gives in rent to the tenant the house (s) and / or studio (s) “Eifel Apartments” located
Kyllburgerstrasse 3a, 54655 Orsfeld – Germany. The houses plus studios together are suitable for up to 22 persons.

Description of the rented:

House of +/- 130m² on the ground floor for up to 8 people and house of +/- 70m² on the first floor for up to 4 persons, studio on the ground floor of +/- 35m² up to 2 persons, studio on the ground floor of +/- 45m² (with extra bedroom) up to 5 persons.
Housing 130m² and 70m²: Spacious living room with open fully equipped kitchen with fridge-freezer, built-in oven, induction hob, dishwasher, coffee maker, kettle, toaster, crockery.
Studios 35m² and 45m²: Spacious living room with open kitchen block with fridge-freezer, microwave, coffee maker, kettle, egg cooker, toaster, crockery.
Dining and sitting area with spacious sofa, extra comfortable sofa bed *, Flat Sat-TV, Radio * / CD player.
Bathroom with washing machine * / **, rain walk-in shower, hand shower, designer sink with mirrors, toilet and toilet trimmings.
Property 130m²: Two spacious bedrooms both with double bed (1.80×2.00) and 2 single beds (0.90×2.00) with night cupboards, extra bed / house, wardrobe with hangers, lighting,
House 70m²: one (1) large bedroom with double bed (1.80×2.00) and two single beds (0.90×2.00) with bedside tables, extra bed / house, wardrobe with hangers, lighting.
Studio 35m²: one (1) double bed (1.80×2.00) with bedside tables, decorative pillows, extra bed / house, wardrobe with hangers, lighting, window eclipse.
Studio 45m²: one (1) double bed (1.80×2.00) with bedside tables plus an extra bedroom with three (3) single beds (0,90×2,00) extra bed / house, wardrobe with hangers, lighting, window eclipse.

* Property 130m² ** Property 70m²

Acceptance good condition

The landlord offers the rented and the tenant accepts the property in the state as it is, in good condition of maintenance, safety, hygiene and habitability.

Destination and use

3.1 The rented property is exclusively intended for occupation based on seasonal rental. The tenant can not make this home his principal place of residence. Any change made by the tenant to the destination or the use of the property is not permitted.

3.2 The holiday homes and studios together have 20 beds (excluding baby beds) and facilities for up to 20 people. It is not allowed to occupy the dwellings with more than the maximum number of people mentioned.

3.3 Condition of the good: The rented property is completely cleaned before use and put in a good condition. When leaving the house the house must be left in a tidy state (tidy).

After your stay, we assume that you will put everything in its place before departure, the dishes are done and all used household appliances and the sanitary (toilet!) Is cleaned and you leave the beds as you found them. In case of non-compliance with these conditions, extra cleaning costs can be charged. (beds are always covered in advance by us)

Transfer and subletting

The tenant is not permitted to transfer his rights, nor to lease the property to third parties.

Payment and conditions

5.1 The rental prices are stated on the “ Prices“ page on the website. Before a booking becomes final, 50% of the rent must be paid.

5.2 Half of the rent must be paid at the time of booking. The remainder no later than 3 weeks before arrival. The deposit is to be paid to the landlord on the day of arrival.

5.3 The obligation of the landlord to provide access to the property is postponed until the rent plus deposit is fully demonstrably paid.

5.4 In case of late payment the tenant is in default. The landlord will inform him in writing or by e-mail. He / she then still has the possibility to pay the amount due within 7 days. If the payment then also fails, the rental contract will be canceled on the day of the default.

5.5 The landlord reserves the right to terminate the contract due to weighty circumstances. In that case, the tenant will be informed as soon as possible of the cancellation of the rental contract and will be refunded the rent already paid within two weeks after cancellation.

6. Consumption and costs

6.1 The fixed costs are stated on the page “ Prices“ the consumption of water, electricity, heating and Internet are included. If the consumption is above average, the landlord will charge the additional consumption or the additional costs will be deducted from the deposit

6.2 Bed and kitchen linen, 2 towels for the number of paying persons are provided in the rent and the costs for heating. If it turns out that the house is not left in a good condition, extra cleaning costs can be charged, these will be deducted from the deposit.

6.3 The tenant undertakes to treat the rented and its contents in all situations as a good family man. This concerns, among other things, the closing of windows and doors in case of wind rain, the closing of the house in the event of absence, and the reasonable consumption of the heating.

6.4 A drying rack is available for drying the laundry that can only be used outside. Drying the laundry in the home is explicitly not allowed. (!)

6.5 For the use of the washing machine we ask you for a contribution to the costs of 2 Euro each.

Waste processing

7.1 The tenant commits himself to sort his waste correctly according to the procedure described in 7.2 and in the house rules.

7.2 Procedure to be followed: emptying waste bins (putting all waste correctly into the barrels at the house)

Residual waste in the gray garbage can (no glass)

PMD waste in the designated container with yellow bag.

Clean the glass in the appropriate container (in the village near the church)

Place paper and cardboard in the blue trash can.

We take care of the weekly emptying of the barrels.

Rental guarantee

8.1 In order to ensure a successful conclusion of the rental contract, the tenant pays a rental guarantee amounting to € 200 per apartment and € 150 per studio for Eifel Apartments to the landlord before he may use the property. The 50% of the rent is paid to the bank account of the landlord within 5 days after reservation. Possible bank charges related to this (Paypal) (please note: if the IBAN data is used correctly, a bank transfer within the EU is free of charge!) are at the expense of the tenant.

8.2 The landlord‘s obligation to provide access to the property is postponed to 100% of the rent and plus the rental guarantee is fully demonstrably paid. In the event of default of payment, the agreement will be considered dissolved on the effective date. The rental guarantee is completely separate from the rent to be paid.

8.3 If both tenant and landlord agree, after the rental period this guarantee can be used to settle any additional (service) costs.

8.4 If no damage has occurred, this rental guarantee (possibly reduced by the extra consumption costs) will be refunded by the landlord within 1 week after the rental period. Possible bank charges related to this (please note: if the IBAN data is used correctly, a bank transfer within the EU is free of charge!) Are at the expense of the tenant.

9. liability tenant

9.1 The tenant is liable for damage to the holiday home caused by himself and / or his traveling companions or visitors. He is responsible for the house during the rental period and he obliges himself to keep the house clean and tidy. It is recommended to take out separate travel insurance in addition to your own family insurance.

9.2 The tenant is not allowed to accommodate more persons or animals in the holiday home or to bring along, than stated on the written confirmation and / or bill.  In that case, the owner may refuse the tenant and cancel the rent immediately, with deduction of the full rent.

9.3 The tenant is responsible for all forms of damage including the contents as determined at the end or after the rental period by the landlord.

9.4 All damage must be reported to the landlord before departure of the tenant.

Visit from the landlord

The landlord is permitted to visit the property, with the aim of verifying that all obligations are fulfilled. This right is taken into account with the tenant’s private life and executed in moderation.

Responsibility in case of accidents and burglary

11.1 The landlord is not responsible for accidents that occur in and / or around the house. The use of movable property in and around the house is explicitly used by the tenant and his travel companions such as visitors at their own risk. The landlord can not be held liable for any damage to persons and household effects that occur through misuse or non-compliance with the instructions for use.

11.2 The tenant is responsible for theft and damage to the contents. In the event of theft without traces of vomiting, for example due to the non-closing of windows and doors in the event of absence, the tenant is liable for the damage suffered.

All kinds of

12.1 Any printing errors in this contract, or other forms and documents, are subject to change.

12.2 The landlord reserves the right to make changes by means of errata.

12.3 The landlord and rental broker are under no circumstances liable and responsible for resulting damage to all persons involved or movable and immovable property.

12.4 The separate rental instructions form an integral part of this agreement. Please strictly follow all provisions.


For cancellations and changes up to 31 days before your date of arrival, you will receive the full sum paid.
For cancellations and changes up to 21 days before your arrival date, 50% of your booking amount will be charged.
In the event of a late payment, as well as not appearing, the full booking amount is calculated.

*-It is recommended to take out a separate travel / cancellation insurance.-*

It is not allowed to smoke in the houses!

Pets not allowed!

Subject to possible errors in the text.