House Rules

Dear holiday guests!
This house arrangement gives you an indication of how we prefer to see how you deal with your holiday home and the inventory.
Because there was reason for it, we have set some rules. We hope you can find it in this.
If you stick to this, you will help us to offer the best possible service at the best price, also in the future.

· Because the electricity consumption is included in the rent, we ask guests to pay attention to the closing of the windows if you are heated and turn off the lights if not necessary and when you leave the house. This also in connection with the avoidance of unnecessary extra costs.

· Inform us as soon as possible in case of missing items from the inventory or if you need help. This way we can quickly resolve any imperfections. We are also happy to assist you with questions about the house or similar matters.

· You may (of course) make use of all things that are in or around the holiday home or belong to it.
We ask you to take care of the objects in and around the house.

· When using the barbecue, please leave it clean.

. It is explicitly not allowed to deep-fry and / or fondue in the home.

· No one will maliciously damage anything in the home, but it can happen to anyone that something is broken.
We appreciate it very much if you report any damage quickly so that we can not find out after your departure.
The house is checked for defects and missing items before new guests arrive, because they too are entitled to a comfortable holiday.

· The furniture of the interior fittings must not be moved outwards!

· The seat cushions for the garden furniture should be stored directly at the home during the night and when it is raining in the appropriate box, or taken home.

. Do not throw pampers and feminine hygiene products into the toilet!

Waste processing.

Procedure to follow: empty waste bins (deposit all waste correctly in the barrels at the house)
· Residual waste in the gray garbage can (no glass)
· Deposit PMD (plastic) waste in the yellow bag intended for this purpose and then place it in the Large Gray Container.
· Deposit glass cleaned in the designated container in the village (at the church). (or collect then we bring this away for you)
· Deposit paper and cardboard in the blue dustbin.

We take care of the weekly emptying of the barrels.

. On departure: the bins in the house emptied, garbage in the relevant containers, the dishes done (dishwasher),
the toilet “clean” the floors clean and possibly litter outside cleaned up.

. The crockery, glassware, cutlery (dishwasher) clean and dry “!” where you found it. Empty fridge.

. When you leave, also check for any chargers, CDs / DVDs, books, toys etc. that are your property.

. Upon departure, we ask you to leave the house before 11 am.

* It is recommended to take out separate travel / cancellation insurance in addition to a liability insurance policy. *

Thank you very much and a very nice holiday!